Currently Reading

  • High Output Management - Andy Grove - management book written by the Intel dude. I’ve seen this recommended strongly on a lot of podcasts by a lot of cool people.
  • The Calculating Stars - really good book so far
  • Radical Candor - Kim Malone Scott - man do I need to finish this… yet again
  • Washington: A Life - Ron Chernow - after reading Hamilton I picked this up, it is a very detailed account of his whole life with really interesting insights into how he created himself.

(still working on all of these, been listening to a lot of audiobooks)

Just Finished

  • The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman
  • Stardust - Neil Gaiman
  • Rogue Protocol - Martha Wells
  • The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman
  • Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman
  • Artificial Conditions - Marth Wells

(Been hitting Libby hard for Neil Gaiman - love these books. Murderbot Diaries series is also great)


  • Station Eleven


  • (Finished) Battlestar Galactica
  • Nothing new has stuck yet to watch

Working On

  • Leveling up my life management skills

Last Updated: 2019-05-09

Inspired by Derek Sivers