Running a Teamspeak 3 Server on Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean provides a Virtual Private Server for just $5 a month. It also happens to be perfect to run a Teamspeak 3 server on. Teamspeak is a great way to chat with friends while playing games or pair programming. This how-to assumes you’re running Ubuntu 12.04 (or something close to it) and that you already have your server spun up and ready to SSH into. Visit the Community section of Digital Ocean if you need further help. [Read More]


The word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek word ‘díaita’ meaning: way of living, not “7 Day Bacon Cleanse: Lose 20 lbs in 24 hours!”.


How to install and use Hombrew from your home directory

I just got a Macbook Pro at work. So far I like it a lot but I ran into the problem that I’m not an admin (and the permissions on /usr/local/ were completely locked down) on it and I wanted to be able to install Homebrew tools whenever I felt like it. First, clone Homebrew into your home directory: cd $HOME git clone Next, add Homebrew to your path (your syntax might be different if you’re not using bash): [Read More]

Phonetic Alphabet Cheat Sheet

Below is a quick cheat sheet I made up to help out when I was on the phone with people. Inevitably you have to either read off an account number or spell out some weird URL and run into a conversation like this: Tech Support: Please read off your account number Me: k, 005V345 Tech: Thank you, I have that as 005B345 Me: No, that’s V as in Victor not B as in Bravo [Read More]

My Favorite Art Form

Andy Goldsworthy (books, Wikipedia) does some amazing art. My friends and I used to try to imitate this while putting our own spin on it. Here’s some examples.

Click on them to get a big version:

Seaweed Art Tower of Power Not Man Made